About me.

My name is Raphaelle Monvoisin.
I am a French art director and photographer based in Southern Norway.

With over 10 years of experience working for entertainment, creative businesses, local and international companies, I focus my expertise on art direction by creating content, branding and visual identities, shaping brands' values and visions into visual narratives and storytelling.

Wanderer and Lightseeker - I catch frames and moments in time by exploring mystical atmospheres, breathtaking places and wild spaces.
From stunning landscapes, through emotional portraiture, to brands stories and visuals, my vision is guided by a strong desire to create something awe-inspiring.

Cokin Filters ambassador.
Fubiz Studio talent.

Contact me.

Say hello:  raphaelle.monvoisin@gmail.com
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Publications & Exhibitions.

Featured in
Adobe — Le Monde de la Photo — Compétence Photo — Phox

Abduzeedo — From up North — InspirationHut —
Worbz — and more.



2021. FAPA Fine Art Photography Awards — Landscape Nominee 2020/2021

 Zoom du Public 2019, Salon de la Photo, Paris
Represented by Vincent Trujillo, editor-in-chief for Le Monde de la Photo magazine


2020. EXHIBITION "Wander" → CANCELLED because of COVID
CP+ Camera & Photo Imaging Show — Yokohama, Japan

2019. EXHIBITION "Wander", Les Zooms 2019
Salon de la Photo 2019 — Paris (75), France

2019. EXHIBITION "Silentium", COOP Live Festival — Puilacher (34), France

2019. WORKSHOP "My first exhibition"+ EXHIBITION "Above the Polar Circle"
feat. Le Monde de la Photo magazine & Canon France — Paris (75), France

2018. CONFERENCE + EXHIBITION "Canon EOS 6D mark II - Au delà du Cercle Polaire"
feat. Le Monde de la Photo magazine & Canon France
Salon de la Photo 2018 — Paris (75), FR

2017. EXHIBITION "Onirisme" — Cachan (94), France 

2017. EXHIBITION for "L'Art de la Pose" book launch event — Paris (75), France

2014. EXHIBITION "Landscapes, Wildlife & Flora" — Brie-Comte-Robert (77), France


2022. Phox Le Mag Photo — Summer Guide 2022 — "The use of photo filters"

2021. Phox Le Mag Photo — Winter Guide 2021 — "The use of photo filters"
2021. Podcast No Filter — Episode 20
2021. Podcast Faut Pas Pousser Les ISO — Episode 11: "Photography filters"

2020. Phox Le Mag Photo — Issue n°08 — "La photo de reportage"
2020.  Adobe France — Youtube Live — "En direct du canap"
2020. Phox Le Mag Photo — Issue n°07 — "The use of photo filters"

2019. Studio Jiminy — Youtube Live — "Dans l'univers de Raphaelle Monvoisin"
2019. Nomadict — Interview 
 Le Monde de la Photo — Issue n°119 — Interview "Les Zooms 2019"
Le Monde de la Photo + Canon — Issue n°116 — "Venezia Photo 2019 - Canon EOS R & RP" Gear test & coverage in Venice
2019. Cokin Filters Studio — "Review NUANCES Clearsky filter and northern lights"

Compétence Photo — Issue n°66 — "Natural Light Portraits"
2018. Le Monde de la Photo + Canon — Issue n°104 — "Canon EOS 6D mark II - Au delà du Cercle Polaire" Gear test & coverage in Lapland

2017. Graine de Photographe — Interview "Tales of Nowhere"

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