Amsterdam city


Venice of the North


Janurary has been a busy month at Blizzard. A world championship tournament took place in Amsterdam, to award the new champion of Hearthstone 2017.
I had the chance to cover the event and was extremely happy to visit this beautiful city I have not been since 10 years.

When I arrived there, the weather was at its worst. Wind storm and heavy rain welcomed me. Luckily, for a few moments, the sunbeams have enchanted the city.
Time for a walk.

Amsterdam hotel portrait
Amsterdam hotel portrait
Street architecture Amsterdam
Boat on the river Amsterdam
Beurs van Berlage Amsterdam
Amsterdam river
Street Amsterdam
Street Amsterdam architecture
Flower shop tulip Amsterdam
Flower shop Amsterdam
Beurs van Berlage Amsterdam
Amsterdam architecture
Sunrise harbor Amsterdam
River Amsterdam
Church of Saint Nicholas Amsterdam
Red shutters Amsterdam
Bike and bridge Amsterdam
Sunset river Amsterdam
Sunset street Amsterdam
Sunset street sunset Amsterdam
Sunset river sunset Amsterdam
Restaurant street Amsterdam
Street rain Amsterdam
Shops Gallery Amsterdam
Coffee restaurant Amsterdam
Pastry shop Amsterdam
Shoes shop Amsterdam
Pastry shop Amsterdam
Night street Amsterdam
Night river Amsterdam

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