Of Forests and Mountains


2017, Summer holidays have finally come and we planned to visit one of my favorite areas in France: French Alps.
Travel bag packed, we took the road to the mountains for a little roadtrip.

First stop: the romantic city of Annecy.
We had so much fun going paragliding from the col de la Forclaz!
What an breathtaking experience to discover the landscape from above... Tiny pine trees, blue sky above, blue lake under.

Annecy Lake French Alps
Col de la Forclaz mountains French Alps
Nature wildlife mountains French Alps
Annecy parapente Lake French Alps
Annecy lovers Lake French Alps

After this amazing experience and some sunburns on our faces, we went to visit our lovely friends in the massif des Bauges.
Walk with the dogs, horse-riding, photoshooting, firecamp in the garden, what a wonderful time!

Massif des Bauges French Alps
Dog and flowers French Alps
Massif des Bauges mist fog French Alps
Massif des Bauges mist fog French Alps

Time to say goodbye until the next visit, and we went back on the road, to reach another part of the Alps: the massif de la Chartreuse.
We have discovered a hidden place in the mountains, an enchanted location: the Cirque de Saint-Même.
It is a very touristic place in summer, but luckily the area was almost empty and we were alone in the wild, walking in the wood until the gigantic waterfall.

Cirque de Saint Meme mist mountains French Alps
Cirque de Saint Meme bridge French Alps
Cirque de Saint Meme waterfall forest French Alps
Cirque de Saint Meme bridge French Alps
Cirque de Saint Meme forest botanical French Alps
Cirque de Saint Meme forest silhouette French Alps

After a full day spent under the rain, discovering each little part of the wood, we joined the south of this massif.
That day, the blue sky was enchanting the landscape.
Out of the forest, we went hiking some famous peaks of the Chartreuse, like the Charman Som which allowed us to see the Mont Blanc over the clouds, 
and the Pinea which offered a breathtaking view on the Grenoble valley. The wind was so strong we couldn't stay for long!

Charman Som hiking French Alps
Charman Som mountains French Alps
Chartreuse mountains French Alps
Botanical mountains French Alps
Grenoble valley French Alps

These holidays were an excellent break from work, between city and nature, friends and outdoors activities.
I love mountains, it's always a perfect retreat for the mind and to find inspiration. It was also the good opportunity to train my filmmaking skills! 


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