At the Heart of Lakes Region

You may know I'm in love with mountains. And discovering new locations is a neverending quest.
I've visited a lovely part of Jura mountains during two days in Summer 2016 on my way back from the Alps.
A little break of two days close to a place called Cascades du Hérisson (meaning Hedgehog's Waterfalls, what a funny name). 

Wild waterfalls, blue lakes, little rivers, pines trees and cute flowers are some of the treasures I've found in this little kingdom.
I've been particularly amazed by the forests of high nude trunks, the soil covered by clovers and bluebells, it was a real enchanted place with whimsical sunbeams. 
I've spent few moments sat under the trees, listening to their conversations with the winds. 
I felt so deeply connected to Nature... 

Jura France lakes region
Jura France lakes region
Jura France lakes region
Jura Forest France
Jura Forest France
Ferns Jura Forest France
Blue flower Jura Forest France
Jura Forest France
Bluebell flower Jura Forest France
Selfportrait forest Jura Forest France
Jura lake waterfall forest France
Flower Jura forest France
Sunset Jura lake France

Raphaelle Monvoisin is a French photographer based in Reykjavík, Iceland.
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RAPHAELLE MONVOISIN  — Photographer, wanderer and storyteller based in Paris, France
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