Authentic photography inspired by Nature.

Wanderer and Lightseeker - I catch little pieces of time by exploring mystical fog, dreamy sunlight and breathtaking atmosphere.
I vivify all the untold stories that unfolds in front of my eyes by taking pictures of the world around me. 
Nature is my sacred place. I love to question the link between human and nature, especially far deep in the wilderness.

Raphaelle Monvoisin, Les Monarques, Charleston, North Carolina
Raphaelle Monvoisin, At the End Silence, Autumn forest
Raphaelle Monvoisin, Wild Hearted Fortress, sunset in the forest
Raphaelle Monvoisin, Auroras Embrace, Autumn Lake
Raphaelle Monvoisin, The Crystal Path, winter forest
Raphaelle Monvoisin, Pathway to Winter, Autumn forest
Carmel by the Sea sunset on the beach California
Raphaelle Monvoisin, Light of a New Workd, Big Sur Coast, California
Raphaelle Monvoisin, Whisper of Ages, Jura forest
Raphaelle Monvoisin, A Forest I Belong, autumn forest
Raphaelle Monvoisin, the Mountains are Calling, Yosemite national park

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