Secrets of the wood are growing wild and free, in light and poetry.
I capture the portraits of wildflowers and their souls blossoming in nature like a painting.

Blue perwinke

 Perwinke —
In the darkness of the woods, A solitary queen awoke.
Unveiling a crown of gold and turquoise, she started to sing the aria of Dawn.


Sunlight Secret — 
Through the wilder paths, The forest whispers as the dawn rises,
there is a sense of wonder growing from the earth, The scent of a new spring lingers in the air.

Blue daisy in a dark forest
Raphaelle Monvoisin photography flower proxy macro botanical nature

— Prelude to Dawn — 
As sunshine flows into their petals, Splendor in the morning grass,
The Flowers have spoken to me, In fragments of poetry.

Pink flower from a meadow

Wildflowers’ Song
Hidden gardens of frail flowers
Of silk and rose, they whisper in the depths, Embracing my soul with longing words.

botanical flower plant proxy macro
botanical flower plant proxy macro
Scarlet, red ferns with frozen dewdrops

— Scarlet Fern —
Crimson twilight in the woodland alley,
The wintry wind blows the autumn away, Draping the leaves of ice and ruby.


Iced Bloom — 
Crystal bloom in the fire frost, Sunlight soul in the crisp Winter,
The delicacy of the first sunbeam, That heats the cold morning.

Raphaelle Monvoisin photography flower proxy macro botanical nature
Botanical Star
Blue clovers with dewdrops

— Les Promesses de la Rosée —
Forests are a realm, a realm of absolute wonder. Full of mysteries and treasures.
The Soul of Nature murmurs its secrets for those who listen. Full of hope and freedom.

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